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Branding and Startup Identity


How to Brand Name Your Startup / Protection and Trademark (E1-BSBIPR403)

How to Make your Logo (E2-BSBIPR403)

How to Buy Domain Names (E3-BSBIPR403)

How to Colour Your Startup (E4-BSBIPR403)



This is what makes SOD’s approach to entrepreneurship unique. The first thing you will learn at SOD is how to name your startup. You will be buying a domain name to represents that business name you have just decided on and then you will move quickly to define colour or the absence of it (blacks, whites and greys) to be associated with your brand. This will result in a HEX colour code that will be the baseline of all your branding collateral. We finish the class with you designing on paper the draft of your brand icon. We do all of this in 3 hours.


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