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BSBESB302 Develop and present business proposals


This class will give you the skills and knowledge required to develop and present business proposals in formats suiting today’s economic momentum and COVID-19 opportunities.

Ideal class for those establishing or operating a business providing self-employment, as well as those establishing a new venture including multi-level marketing as part of a larger global organisation. The proposals may relate to products and/or services offered by the parent business.

Designed by SOD’s founder and headteacher Santi Vela, this class is a very powerful introduction to the latest negotiation and communication methodologies. You and your team will leave the class with a tremendous motivation to propose and close business proposal by presenting business systems to your prospects to convert them to customers in the due time.

Implementing negotiation and communication methodologies is vital for your success. This class will use several powerful methodologies including assertive communications, design thinking, inbound marketing and NLP.


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