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  /    /  BASELINE CERT IV IN ENTR AND NEW BUS, BSB40320 - Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business, SINGLE  /  BSBTEC405 Review and maintain organisation’s digital presence

BSBTEC405 Review and maintain organisation’s digital presence


Gain the skills and knowledge required to design or audit your business’s digital environment. This includes your website, social media, landing pages CTRs and digital personal and business branding.

The unit applies to those who have a relationship between the digital presence and core functions of an organisation. They also have working knowledge and skills to perform updates to the website and CRMs i.e. Hubspot. The outcome of the class is clear planning to design a digital brand touchpoints map or to better tune the organisation’s current digital environment.

In today’s ever-changing digital communication landscape organisations are required to keep up with the latest trends and market developments, to capitalise on the opportunities. But how do they know how best to achieve this? What message works best and how do they get it out to their audience in the most efficient way. In this unit students will learn about:

• The key marketing theories that underpin a successful digital marketing campaign.

• The importance of business objectives, brand strategy and consumer behaviour in digital marketing communications planning.

• How to connect each one of your organisation digital properties.



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