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  /    /  BSB40320 - Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business, BUNDLES  /  Entrepreneurship and New Business (Technology Block)

Entrepreneurship and New Business (Technology Block)


BSBXCS402 - Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to promote cyber security in a work area.

It applies to those working in a broad range of industries who as part of their job role support policies, procedures and practice within an organisation that promote cyber security.

SIRXECM003 - Design an ecommerce site

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to design the interface of an ecommerce site. It requires the ability to determine the needs of an ecommerce site, develop designs that enhance usability and appearance, and review site functionality.

This unit applies to individuals working in a diverse range of sectors and business contexts. They operate independently, under limited supervision from others, and are responsible for making a range of operational decisions.

FNSACC416 - Set up and operate a computerised accounting system

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to establish, operate, and modify an integrated computerised accounting system. This is generally under supervision and encompasses processing transactions in the system, maintaining the system, producing reports, and ensuring system integrity.

It applies to individuals who, within the scope of own responsibility, use specialised knowledge, information technology, and planning and organising skills to establish and maintain an organisational system in service and trading environments.


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