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How to Evaluate e-Business Models (E2 BSBEBU511)


  • Identify and analyse business-to-business, business-to-consumer, intra-organisational e-business applications and e-business models
  • Rank compatible e-business models in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, considering resourcing, technical and security requirements of each, assessing against organisational strategies
  • Assess cost implications of implementation of e-business models
  • Determine an e-business model most appropriate in relation to organisational strategies


This lesson is part of a more comprehensive module that describes the skills and knowledge required to evaluate e-business models and strategies for use in a business context. This includes the ability to incorporate the results of these evaluations into the design of an e-business strategy, including marketing, buying and selling goods and services online. It applies to individuals who possess skills and knowledge in a specialist business area, as well as knowledge of digital applications and other technologies. They apply these skills and knowledge in the evaluation, selection and implementation of new strategies for business, which incorporate e-business solutions. They may be responsible for overseeing these tasks along with technical or other knowledge experts.


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