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How to Host a Website in GoDaddy Using WordPress (E1 BSBEBU401)


In this lesson, you will learn how to host and start the developing of a e-Commerce website using GoDaddy and WordPress.  You will also gain skills and knowledge to monitor and analyse customer and user feedback in your website by collecting website data and identify trends in Goggle Analytics. This will allow you to make recommendations on changes to the website and its content in response to feedback and data analysis, and approve changes scheduled for implementation. You will finish this class with a WordPress content management system ready to be integrated with Woo Commerce for online sales.

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This lesson is part of a more comprehensive unit that describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake data analysis, review website content, and develop, update and maintain a website. It applies to individuals who have knowledge of the relationship between a website and the core functions of a new business. The lesson will complement your working knowledge and skills to perform basic updates to your website content.


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