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Our partnership model has been designed to facilitate class design, delivering and management.

Training Packages for RTOs

Our training and assessment materials package is supported by Axcelerate LMS to help you deliver and assess a qualification easily, and offer training to more students. These resources may include materials like policies and procedures, templates, forms, case studies, simulated client files, meeting minutes and more.

In most cases, this means your RTO will have more opportunities to deliver vocational training to domestic students without a job, and international students who are not in Australia or don’t have the right to work in Australia. It also speeds up training delivery for your students with a job, as they can access the materials they need 24/7 and keep studying without having to stop and wait to retrieve documents from their workplace.

Developer, Licensing & Support

Unlimited Student License

SOD's unlimited student license model means you purchase the BSBMKG414 training resource once and deliver and assess training for as many students as you want with no additional fees! This is a self-contained VET training resource, meaning it comes with assessment tools AND learner guides with learning content for your students. No additional textbooks or per-student fees required.