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The duration of all our programs is 6 months.

All our programs have 4 blocks. Each block has 3 units and a duration of 6 weeks

  • Baseline Block
  • People Block
  • Processes Block
  • Technology Block

All units have a duration of two weeks. Each week has a virtual class of 3 hours.

Where week 1 is the theory lecture.

…and week 2 is a practical workshop in which you develop your own project.

At the end of each block, we have a Masterclass covering all the topics. This means you will have 4 Masterclasses by the time you graduate.

BSBPMG530 Manage project scope

BSBPMG535 Manage project information and communication

BSBPMG536 Manage project risk

BSBPMG538 Manage project stakeholder engagement

BSBPMG534 Manage project human resources

BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness

BSBPMG540 Manage project integration

BSBSTR502 Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBSTR501 Establish innovative work environments

BSBPMG531 Manage project time

BSBPMG533 Manage project cost

BSBPMG532 Manage project quality